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Enter the castle

Castle Kid NFT will not only feature the amazing art of $20,000, but will also offer holders unparalleled utility!

Access to Colin - Colin has directed amazing videos for artists such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaji, Cardi B, Halsey, etc. Get access to the Colin Tilley through production, ideation, and imaginative masterclasses that explore the mind of an award winning creator. Be a part of the creative process as the story of Castle Kid unfolds.

IRL Events: Be on set for music video shoots, VIP access to concerts (irl and digital), and holder-only meetups. Meet the community you vibe with every day.

The Metaverse: Experience the world of the Castle Kid (and all of his friends) through various adventures in the Metaverse.  Step into CK's shoes as your avatar transports from world to world.

The Castle Kid Story: Watch the Castle Kid take his first steps as we leverage the story and IP to its maximum potential. See Castle Kid expand beyond the NFT in your wallet and all over the world around you.

DAO and Blockchain Integrations: Explore the strength and tightness of the community in the Castle Kid DAO. Make decisions, participate in the upside of CK-branded content rollouts, and shape the future of the Kid.

You will also have the opportunity to earn rewards that grant various levels of utility, access, etc. More on this to come shortly.

Merch: Flex your IP through unique CK merch drops, including skateboard decks, clothing, and accessories. CK Light?

CK Partnerships: Get first access to all CK drops & partnerships, including a CK alpha group, opportunity to earn tokens and win WL spots on coveted community lists.


Combining forces with Colin Tilley is a team of executors, developers, and deal makers from a venture-backed startup, Minotaur.

Colin Tilley (colinseyes),

Grammy-nominated director and filmmaker. Tilley is the CEO and owner of Boy in the Castle Productions.

Sterling Campbell (musicguy), Project Lead

CEO of Minotaur, an NFTs as a service company. Formerly worked at WME, Lerer Hippeau. Invested in Dapper Labs in 2017.

Mike Bohannon (manhattan), Head of Community

Co-founder at Minotaur. Deep interest in the community derived from the merging of tech and creative content.


Famed graffiti artist under a different moniker.

Sifu Wellerman

Runs engineering team and hiring for major technology companies; developer for Breakfast Club


Web3 developer and co-founder of Creature World